Press Report: Club celebrates Silver Anniversary

WEST CHESHIRE Athletic Club celebrated it’s 25th anniversary with the first of two open track and field meetings at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village Athletics Track on Saturday.

Many purple and gold-vested members pocketed medals and personal bests from the event which incorporated hurdles and sprint races, as well as long jump and high jump competitions.

This Sunday from 10am sees West Cheshire AC hosting part two of their celebration with throwing events and middle distance races and entries being accepted from 9am.

Lauren Higgins posted 13.7 seconds in her under 13 girls 70m hurdles on Saturday, while club mates Ruby Billington (14.9), Mae Grant (14.0), Abigail Meyer (15.1), and Emma Bradley (16.3) completed their under 15 girls 75m hurdles races, and Carys Manson posted 13.4 in her under 17 ladies 80m hurdles race.

Poppy McKenna won the under 11 girls long jump with 3.22m, alongside team mates Camilla Shenton (2.58m), Jessie Morse (2.53m), Mollie Cooke (2.37m), Isabelle Gerrard (2.34m), Rosie Grimsditch (2.23m), and Isla Lambert (2.11m).

Daniel Gallante won the under 11 boys long jump with 2.78m, alongside team mates William Lamb (2.78m), Leo Ravenscroft (2.66m), Joshua Caldecott (2.40m), Jack McWilliams (2.24m), and Tom Booth (2.24m).

Alan Littler (1-68m), Nathan Brassington (1-65m), Seb Hulse (1-50m), Ruby Billington (1-47m), Charlotte Austin (1-38m), and Evan Miller (1-35m) impressed in the high jump.

Mia Johnson won the under 13 girls long jump with 3.99m, alongside team mates Lauren Higgins (3.21m), Amber Billington (3.14m), Nia Manson (2.91m), Rose Sheppard (2.79m), Alexandria Schroeder (2.67m), Nell Hutchison (2.45m), and Amelia Owen (2.33m).

Adam Robinson was second in the under 13 boys long jump with 3.54m, alongside Dylan Gledhill (3.18m), Noah Booth (3.16m), and Jacob Downe (2.27m).

Holly Bosworth (4.50m), Nathan Brassington (5.53m), Danielle Erskine (4.69m), and Beth Manson (4.26m) all won their age group long jump events, alongside club mates Ursula Archer (4m), Mae Grant (3.93m), Emma Bradley (3.22m), and Bethany Sheppard (3.02m).

Beth Manson (13.5 seconds), Jacob Gardner (12.8), Rob Austin (11.9), and Fergus Garland (11.7) won their 100m age group titles, alongside team mates Mae Grant (14.4), Bethany Sheppard (15.2), Ursula Archer (14.2), Molly Fields (14.6), Juliet Robinson (16.3), Evan Miller (13.7), and Patrick O’Loughlin (12.5).

Edward Graham won the under 11 boys 75m with 11.9 seconds and 150m in 24.8, alongside team mates Luke Gardner (12.8 and 26.8), Jack McWilliams (12.9 and 27.5), William Lamb (13.5 and 28.9), Tom Booth (14.5 and 32.1), Daniel Galante (12.2 and 25.2), Joshua Caldecott (13.0 and 27.5), and Leo Ravenscroft (14.2 and 27.9).

Poppy McKenna (12.2 and 24.0), Isabelle Gerrard (13.2 and 27.5), Camilla Shenton (13.5), Rosie Grimsditch (13.5 and 28.1), Mollie Cooke (14.6 and 28.9), and Isla Lambert (14.6) completed their under 11 girls 75m and 150m races.

Mia Johnson won the under 13 girls 75m in 10.3 seconds and 150m in 20.5, alongside Nia Manson (11.7 and 23.6), Amber Billington (11.9), Isabelle Hein (12.4 and 25.6), Alexandria Schroeder (12.4 and 26.2), Amelia Owen (12.4), Rose Sheppard (13.0 and 26.2), Nell Hutchison (13.5 and 27.7), Lauren Higgins (22.8).
Aiden Hilton (10.3) won the under 13 boys 75m and 150m (21.1) alongside Dylan Gledhill (11.9 and 23.0), Noah Booth (12.3 and 25.0), Jacob Downe (13.4 and 27.4) and Adam Robinson (11.6 and 23.5).

Carys Manson (28.8), Fergus Garland (23.8), Lydia Walker (28.5), Ursula Archer (29.7), Ruby Billington (29.8), Bethany Sheppard (32.9), Molly Fields (31.2), Emma Bradley (32.6), Juliet Robinson (34.3), Evan Miller (29.4), and Roman Johnson (26.8) competed in the 200m.

Jacob Gardner (40.9), Holly Bosworth (44.0), and Beth Manson (44.4) combined in the 300m, and Fergus Garland (53.5) and Bradley Spurdens (55.7) completed their 400m races.

SEVEN West Cheshire AC members represented Cheshire at the English Schools Cross Country Championships held at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

Jamie Richardson (23rd), Sammy Hollins (215th), and Henry Robinson (282nd) combined to help earn Cheshire 26th team position in the Senior Boys race.

Jodi Bemand achieved 165th spot in the Senior Girls race to help the Cheshire team finish 14th. Daniel Walker completed the Junior Boys race in 274th position to help earn Cheshire 14th team place. Emilia Pyper finished 291st in the Junior Girls event and earned Cheshire 30th team position. And Nancy Farmer completed the Intermediate Girls race in 336th position to help earn Cheshire 17th team spot.

Holly Coates represented Merseyside in the Junior Girls race and finished 137th, ahead of Emilia Pyper who represented Cheshire and finished 291st to earn Cheshire 30th team position.

THREE West Cheshire AC members combined for success at the Knighton Inter-Counties 20 Miles Race.
Keely Smith (second lady and first over-40 lady in 2:13:32), Fiona Cook (fourth lady and first over-35 lady in 2:17:23), and Eloise Eccles (21st lady in 2:29:13) combined to earn top spot for West Cheshire AC in the club team event and bronze medals for Cheshire in the Inter Counties team competition.
Anest Muller also completed the race in 50th position after clocking 2:47:30.

Posted by Dave Alexander
21st March 2023

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