Sportshall Success

West Cheshire AC head three age category tables after the second round of the North West Sportshall League at Crewe.Sophie Baker, Georgia Barlow, Charlotte Williamson, Gemma Chatterton, Erin McFadden, Eloise Edwards, Sophie Carter, and Neve Kelman secured West Cheshire’s under 11 girls top spot after the second round.
McFadden, Chatterton, Williamson, and Barlow combined to win the sprint relay race, while Williamson posted 24.8 seconds in her two lap, Barlow clocked 54.0 seconds in her four lap, Chatteron hit 5.25m in the chest push, and Baker scored 48 in the speed bounce.
Laura Rigby, Kelly Baker, Lydia Perry, Olivia Montez Brown, Abbie Ritchie, Lucy Earl, Laura Jones, and Ellen McMahon delivered top spot for West Cheshire’s under 13 girls after the second round.
Rigby (24.2) and Baker (24.6) won their two lap races; Perry (1:27.8) and Montez-Brown (1:30.1) won their six lap events; Baker (8.98m) and Ritchie (7m) won in the shot put; while Baker won the B standing triple jump (6.01m) and Earl won the B speed bounce (76), and the relay team of Montez-Brown, Baker, Perry, and Rigby posted a winning time of 1:39.7.
West Cheshire’s under 15 boys squad of David Donkin, Richard Farley, Sam Rimmer, Stephen Jones, Joseph O’Riordan, and Ryan Jones consolidated their position at the top of the table after two rounds.
O’Riordan won the speed bounce (88) and Donkin won the B event (77), while Jones won the standing long jump (2.48m).
The relay squad of O’Riordan, Donkin, Farley, and Jones combined to post a winning time of 1:32.0.
Alice Jennings, Alice McMahon, Lauren Darch, Jenni Potter, Jenna Sheehy, Chelsea Butler, Karry Broster, and Gemma Hale teamed up for West Cheshire’s under 15 girls who are third overall after two rounds.
Jennings putted a new shot best of 8.19m for victory alongside McMahon who was third in the B event (6.45m), and Potter was second in the B standing long jump (2.05m), while Broster (76) and Darch (64) were third in their A and B speed bounce events respectively.
Jack Johnson, James McMahon, Matthew Pagan, Elijah Montez-Brown, Daniel Vickers, and Jamie Pearson combined for West Cheshire’s under 11 boys who are fourth overall after two rounds.
Pagan won his two lap (24.4) and Vickers was second in the B two lap (24.7) and first in the B chest push (5.50m) alongside McMahon who was second A (5.75m), and second in the standing long jump (1.96m).
West Cheshire Under 13 boys were represented by Tom Kellett, Leon Langmead, and Chris McCartney at Crewe, scoring 97.5 points, which earns them fourth place overall after two rounds.
Kellett won his two lap (23.2), the six lap (1:18.5), and the shot (8.81m), while McCartney was second in both the B two lap (24.9), and B six lap (1:33.4), and Langmead secured second B in the shot (6.13m) and second A in the speed bounce (66), as well as second A in the vertical jump (42).
LEAGUE POSITIONS (after two rounds)
UNDER 11 GIRLS – 1 West Cheshire 268 points; 2 Halton and Frodsham 266.5; 3 Crewe 256.5; 4 Liverpool 245; 5 Deeside 242; 6 DASH 229.
UNDER 11 BOYS – 1 Crewe 285.5 points; 2 DASH 254; 3 Deeside 253.5; 4 West Cheshire 253.5; 5 Sutton St Helens 250.5; 6 Halton and Frodsham 249.
UNDER 13 GIRLS – 1 West Cheshire 278.5; 2 Liverpool 255; 3 Crewe 246; 4 Halton and Frodsham 236.5; 5 Deeside 222.5; 6 Southport Waterloo 184.5.
UNDER 13 BOYS – 1 Deeside 279.5; 2 Crewe 272; 3 DASH 250; 4 West Cheshire 237.5; 5 Halton and Frodsham 219.5; 6 Southport Waterloo 189.5.
UNDER 15 GIRLS – 1 Crewe 284.5; 2 DASH 267.5; 3 West Cheshire 253; 4 Sutton St Helens 242; 5 Deeside 155.5; 6 Southport Waterloo 137.
UNDER 15 BOYS – 1 West Cheshire 287; 2 DASH 238; 3 Halton and Frodsham 212; 4 Warrington 172; 5 Handforth 53; 6 Southport Waterloo 49.

Cross Country, Heaton Park

Liam Renton clinched third position at the opening round of the Manchester Area Cross Country League held at Heaton Park, Manchester.The West Cheshire AC race ace posted 14 minutes 41 seconds for the 4,500m under 13 boys event, ahead of club mate Ryan Jones (26th in 17:05).James Ellis finished seventh with a time of 25:26 in the under 17 men’s race, while Robert Rogers (19th in 15:08)and MIchael Ellis (23rd in 15:34) completed the under 13 boys race.
Alec Beaney delivered 20th place in the men’s race, clocking 37:07 for the 9.6km course and helping to earn West Cheshire 14th team position. He was backed up by Andrew Clague (45th in 39:22), Simon Ellis(72nd in 40:58), Denis Duret (76th in 41:06), Louis Humphreys (98th in 42:07), Alan Littler (207th in 47:54), and Steve Russell-Ingram (253rd in 56:59).
Eleanor Robinson (58th in 40:52), Lisa Davies (72nd in 43:41), and Cathryn Rogers (77th in 44:28) completed the 8km women’s race to post 14th team position

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