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We rely on members to tell us if they think that they have broken a club record. If you think that you have done so, or if you spot any possible errors, please let us know via the “Contact” link at the top of the page (select “What does your query relate to?”- “Webmaster”).

Performances in the following circumstances will not be considered for records:

  • Wind-assisted and “virtual” races, and performances in non-solely athletics events, eg triathlon.
  • Races where distances are not certified by the Association of UK Course Measurers (or similar organisation for non-UK events).
  • Split times over part of the full course of a given road race, as the accuracy of intermediate points on courses cannot be verified.
  • Split times in track events, eg the first 800m of a 1500m race.
  • Performances on courses where elevation decrease between start and finish is at least 1m per km, as per World Athletics Competition Rules.
  • Performances on courses where the straight-line distance between start and finish is at least 50% of the race distance, also as per World Athletics Competition Rules. (we are aware that some existing records do not comply with this but, as this ruling was not fully appreciated by us until 2022, those records will remain in place until bettered by performances on compliant courses).

Please note: “Senior” records on this page denote overall age 21+ adult records, including veterans.

Mike Lamb has produced interactive track and field tables of male and female records for all age groups and events, showing who held the record and when since the club was formed in 1998.

*Mike has also produced up-to-date progressions of age group road records for female and male club members since the club was formed, based on the results of these races.

Summary tables across all age groups from under-13s to seniors are available for these categories:
(last updated 01-05-2024; no longer updated on a regular basis)

Male/ Female Outdoor Track and Field
Male/ Female Multi-events, relays, walks and miscellaneous throws
Male/ Female Indoor
Male/ Female Road*
Male/ Female Veterans – all disciplines except road.
Male/ Female Veterans – road*.