WCAC Schools XC 22-11-14

For results of round 2 of the WCAC Schools Cross-country Series, held on Saturday 22-11-14, see https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/Offroad/crosscountry/junopenschoolscc

Cross-country championship entries

Why not venture off the roads in 2015 and run in big events with character? For club members of all ages and abilities, enter the Cheshire, Liverpool, Northern or National Cross-country Championships by returning this slip (https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/docs/load.php?id=1971), with entry fees (at a fraction of the cost of most road races…), to Mike Lamb, Dennis Wall or your coach by the dates shown on the slip. For more details, see https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/Offroad/champs

WCAC Endurance League October 2014

Kate and Andrew still out in front, but competition for other places just gets tighter: Ellie and Rosemary level, Anest close behind, and three points separate second and fifth men. Bonus points are now on offer for forthcoming cross-country, and Borders, league races if you also competed in them earlier this year. And please pay your subs to remain in the league! See https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/roadracing/pointscomp.

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