Membership to West Cheshire Athletic Club is open to anyone aged 8 1/2 and over.  We can’t accept applications for children younger than 8 1/2.

There’s an annual subscription fee renewable on April 1st each year (in line with EA membership renewal).

Membership is online only. Existing members will be sent an email with a link to renew their membership at the start of March each year.

New members can join anytime HERE.


As we move through the membership year, progressive 25% reductions will be made to all prices below (in all except the EA fees) on 1st July, 1st October and 1st January (new members only).

  • First claim members £41.00.
  • Second family member and subsequent family member £36.00 each.
  • Student at university members £31.00.
  • Second claim members £18.00.
  • Eight year olds £28.00 (No EA fee).
  • Competing coaches £13.00
  • Non-Competing active coach / Official £0.00

All subscriptions above include the England Athletics registration fee of £13.00.

All new competing members must also purchase a WCAC vest, current cost £17.00

Club Constitution