WCAC Essar Schools Cross-country

All year 3 to year 8 children are welcome to take part in the WCAC Essar Schools Series. Dates: Saturdays October 4 2014, November 22 2014, December 6 2014, and February 7 2015 – see https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/Offroad/crosscountry/junopenschoolscc

ASICS Support West Cheshire AC

ASICS has teamed up to help and support West Cheshire Athletic Club.The Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village ASICS store has agreed to sponsor the thriving Stanney Oaks-based athletics organisation.
ASICS store manager, William Duong, is excited about forging a partnership with West Cheshire AC who cater for boys, girls, men and ladies aged between eight and 88 years of age.
He said: Its really exciting to be associated with such a popular local athletics club which plays a key role for sport in the area and for the community.

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with serious and dedicated enthusiasts. Their philosophy really resonates with what we stand for.
West Cheshire Athletic Club demonstrates all that is good about a voluntary organisation which has gone from strength to strength since being formed in 1998.
I am hoping this partnership will help encourage more local people to get involved at West Cheshire AC and help the club have an even better future.
West Cheshire AC is excited and delighted to have forged a link with the ASICS store which is situated less than 800 metres away from their Stanney Oaks Track base.
West Cheshire AC press secretary, Dennis Wall, said: West Cheshire AC has played a pivotal role in helping to introduce sport to the local community since being established 16 years ago.
The club is hoping ASICS will help raise the profile athletics in the community by agreeing to support our busy schedule of activities throughout the year.
We are very grateful to ASICS because their support will include discounts for our members at their local store, with gait analysis facilities, and a supply of materials for our popular road race promotions.
Further Details: Dennis Wall, Press Secretary. Tel: 0151 201 1254.
Launch photos; West Cheshire Athletic Club members with ASICS store managers at the ASICS Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village store. https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/images/usrimg/ASICSshop.jpg.jpg and West Cheshire Athletic Clubs Dennis Wall is flanked by ASICS Cheshire Oaks stores William Duong, Tony Bills, and John Judson at the Stanney Oaks Athletics Track. https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/images/usrimg/ASICStrack.jpg.jpg

Why not try cross-country…?

Like running off-road? Want to improve your road race PBs? Or just want to try something different? Your WCAC membership offers free entry to four cross-country leagues over the winter, as well as cheap entry into championship events. And you really do not have to be a racing snake or crop-topped gazelle to take part. For more information, see https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/Offroad/crosscountry, or ask the Cross-country Secretary Mike Lamb via the Contact Us link below…

WCAC Endurance League – July 2014

Dave edges a point ahead of Bob,with nine points separating the next four runners. Kate and Rosemary still clear, with Anest sneaking up on still-close Ellie and Lisa. See https://www.westcheshireac.co.uk/roadracing/pointscomp.

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