Training Group Plan

West Cheshire AC has adopted a Training Group Plan, to direct new and existing members towards the training group that appears to be the most suitable to their age, interests and abilities. The reasoning behind this plan is summarised in the club’s Training Group Policy.

Coaches and Events

Our current coaches and their events are (all at Ellesmere Port Sports Village unless stated otherwise):

Under 11s to Under 15s, various events: Dennis Wall, Mark Duffey, Jill Gore and Joanne Cartwright

High Jump: Jane Palmer

Long Jump, Triple Jump: Dave McKay

Throws: Dave McKay and Jenny Manning              

Hurdles: Karl Fenney

Sprints: Jonathan Moss, Victor Oyesola

300- 400m: Alan Littler

Middle Distance: Dennis Wall and Mark Duffey (Beginner/ Junior);  Ian Ackroyd, Tim Palmer and Nick Brooks (Junior/ Intermediate); Graham Patterson (Senior)

Middle to Longer Distance – Senior: Chris Morgan

Longer Distance, Senior: John Parlevliet (from Northgate Arena, Chester); Andy Carter (from Cheshire County Sports Club, Chester)

Track and field

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Ellesmere Port Sports Village, CH65 9LB. All disciplines covered – sprinting, throwing, jumping, middle and longer distance running, and senior road running sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Athletes can train with more than one group, but must ask to join a group before attending.

Track and field sessions timetable.

Road running

Northgate Arena Group

A great option for runners comfortably running 5km+ and looking to step up to 10km, or for 10km improvers, in a relaxed social atmosphere. We meet Monday and Thursday outside Northgate Arena, Chester CH2 2AU, at 6:20pm for a 6:30pm departure. 

Free, though all who attend regularly are encouraged to join West Cheshire AC. Turn up and speak to Emma Nutt or John Parlevliet. Changing and other facilities are not accessible to us. A list of attendees, with contact details, is taken for health and safety requirements.

Summer 2024 Schedule
Route maps are available via links and QR codes on the schedule.
Main routes                             Longer alternatives
Route 1 (6.67 miles)
Route 2 (5.53 miles)                Route 2b (5.73 miles)
Route 3 (4.17 miles)
+ 10 minutes fast, with intervals
Route 4 (6.03 miles)                Route 4a (6.87 miles), Route 4b (6.60 miles)
Route 5 (7.05 miles)                Route 5a (7.80 miles)

Winter Schedule
Main routes                             Longer alternatives
Route 1 (5.69 miles)               Route 1a (5.84 miles)
Route 2 (5.64 miles)               Route 2a (5.89 miles)
Route 3 (6.21 miles)
Route 4 (5.94 miles)               Route 4a (6.15 miles
Route 5 (6.34 miles)               Route 5a (6.80 miles)

Cheshire County Sports Club Group

Fartlek sessions, mixing steady running at around eight minutes per mile with six faster efforts over varying distances, to suit the varying abilities in the group. We meet on Tuesdays at 6:20pm at Cheshire County Sports Club, Upton  CH2 1PR, to start runs at 6:30pm.

Free session, changing and showering facilities available at Cheshire County Sports Club, though all who attend regularly are encouraged to join West Cheshire AC. Turn up and speak to Andy Carter.

Summer Routes Schedule 2022
Route 1: Barrow
Route 2: Saighton
Route 3: Canal
Route 4: Mollington
Route 5: Christleton
Route 6: Eccleston

Winter routes
Route 1: Bumpers Lane (9.3 miles)
Route 2: Green Lane (10.1 miles)
Route 3: Moston (9.9 miles)
Route 4: Westminster Park (10.7 miles)
Route 5: Sandy Lane (10.5 miles)

Track training for road and off-road runners

As mentioned under “Track and Field” at the top of this page, there are well-structured middle- and longer-distance sessions at Ellesmere Port Sports Village on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

For more information about coaching, please feel free to get in touch.