Cross-country Championships Entries

It’s nearly the season… for cross-country championships entry time. All three of the events below are real, atmospheric occasions involving runners of all abilities. The Cheshire and Northern Championships championships are on good courses at previously used venues. The prestigious National championships are in our own backyard on a similarly testing course – a great experience for regular cross-country runners and newbies alike! Because these events matter greatly to the club, entry fees will be paid by the club, on the basis that members who ask to be entered turn up on the day.

No qualification needed, all abilities represented. Run in any one event or all three. The only requirements are that you are a FIRST-CLAIM member of West Cheshire AC who will turn up on the day and, for the Cheshire Championships only, you must either have been born in Cheshire or have been living in Cheshire for at least nine months before the race, and must not have competed in another county’s championships since October 1st 2022. The races are:

Cheshire County AA Cross-country Championships at Knights Grange, Winsford, on Sunday 8th January. Age groups from under 11s to veterans.

Northern Athletics Cross-country Championships at Witton Park, Blackburn, Saturday January 28th 2023. Age groups from under 13s to veterans.

English National Cross-country Championships at Bolesworth Castle, near Tattenhall, Chester, Saturday February 25th 2023. Age groups from under 13s to veterans.


Please reply to this email (at [email protected] (please don’t just reply via Facebook or tell a coach!) with your name, date of birth and the name of the championships you want to run in, by the following dates:

Cheshire: December 23rd 2022

Northern: January 6th 2023

National: January 13th 2023

Any entries for the Cheshire and Northern Championships, after the closing dates specified above, must be done by the entrants themselves, who will have to pay an entry fee. It appears that there is no individual entry to the National championships, so please let us know by the dates shown above if you want to run!


The club is paying members’ entry fees again this year on the basis that people commit to showing up on the day unless there are legitimate unforeseen circumstances, eg illness or injury. If members who are fit to compete decide to pull out after entering, the club will expect to be reimbursed for their entry fees. Please be sure that you want to run before committing to do so.


The club will NOT be arranging transport to these races. The races generally run in order of age group, so we neither want youngsters to be waiting for seniors to finish nor seniors getting up early and waiting around for hours before their races.


If you want to know more about cross-country, please see the off-road page of the club’s website, or feel free to contact the Cross-country Officer via the Contact page of the website

Posted by Dave Alexander
12th December 2022

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