WCAC Newsletter #359, 14-01-22


Many happy returns to the following Club members who celebrate their birthdays this week: 

Brian Beattie, Steve Duffy, Kay Hayes, Keely Smith, Danielle Erskine, Megan White, Alex Rutherford, Mia Jones, Jake McGill, Maxwell Walker, Harry McKenna. 

And Next Week: Joe Foy, Phil Gent, Anna Woolgar, Steve Roberts, David Shearer, Illka Jose, William Wright, Emily Russell, William Rawson, Lucy Caldwell.


West Cheshire Athletic Club celebrated a fistful of medals at the Cheshire Cross Country Championships.

Jamie Richardson, Traci Shipley and Neil Finegan were crowned county champions after completing the very challenging hilly and muddy course at Pickmere, near Northwich.

Jamie won the under 17 men’s 4.3km race in a time of 15 minutes 50 seconds, and was backed up by Henry Robinson (7th in 17:18) and Sammy Hollins (eighth in 17:29) to earn silver team medals.

Traci won the over-55 ladies title after clocking 34:56 for the 6.2km course, and Neil secured the over-45 men’s title with a time of 34:07 for the 8.1km course.

Neil also appears to have pointed the West Cheshire AC veteran men’s team of Graham Wells (2nd over 45 man in 34:25), Steve Fernyhough (7th over-40 man in 36:40) and Dave Alexander (4th over-50 man in 37:14) to team gold medals.

Daniel Walker (sixth in 9:55), Thomas Rimmer (eighth in 10:00), and Noah Woolgar (ninth in 10:01) combined to earn team gold medals in the 2.4km under 13 boys race, while Hugo McLintock (18th in 10:35), Thomas Renondeau (27th in 11:59), and Evan Miller (30th in 14:08) secured seventh team spot.

Emilia Pyper (second in 10:49), Ruby Phillips (seventh in 11:06), and Holly Coates (eighth in 11:10) earned team gold medals in the 2.4km under 13 girls race, while Eleanor Wheeler (11th in 12:05), and Grace Andrews (21st in 13:30) also completed the course.

Jessica Lark (third in 19:34), Cosette Wearden (seventh in 21:09), and Aimee Phillips (ninth in 21:37) earned team silver medals in the 4.3km under 15 girls race, while Isabella Rimmer (10th in 21:59), Eleanor Williams (11th in 22:49) and Emma Nevett (18th in 32:25) finished fourth team.

Imogen Pughe (fifth in 20:01), Carys Roberts (eighth in 20:50) and Jodi Bemand (ninth in 20:57) secured team silver medals in the 4.3km under 17 ladies race.

Harriet Beattie (fourth in 9:52), Anna Birkett-Evans (ninth in 10:40) and Amelia Snowden (10th in 10:48) earned team bronze medals in the 2km under 11 girls race, while Poppy McKenna (11th in 10:56), Nia Manson (16th in 11:45), and Charlotte Finegan (22nd in 12:27) were fifth team.

Luke Parker (second in 16:43), Ellis Hancock (18th in 20:22), and Andrew Barratt (19th in 20:30) earned team bronze medals in the 4.3km under 15 boys race.

Dylan Gledhill (sixth in 9:18), Harley Scadeng (ninth in 9:34), and George Grimsditch (11th in 9:46) earned fourth spot in the 2km under 11 boys race, supported by Harry McKenna (12th in 10:15).

David Shearer (17th in 33:19), Tom Booth (20th in 34:00), Neil Finegan (21st in 34:07), Graham Wells (23rd in 34:25), Michael Young (29th in 35:12), and Steve Fernyhough (39th in 36:40) combined for team bronze medals in the 8.1km senior men’s race, while other finishers in the men’s race included James Robinson (47th in 38:07), Dave Sutton (56th, and eighth over-45 man in 38:46), Neil Hershaw (57th, and second over-55 man in 38:49), Andrew Clague (59th, and 7th over-50 man in 39:13), Andy Carter (105th, and 16th over-50 man in 44:24), Dave Barratt (112th, and 23rd over-45 man in 46:35), Tony Kennedy (123rd, and 8th over-60 man in 54:08), and Jon Moorhouse (134th, and 17th over-55 man in 55:43).

Kate Titlow (8th, in 28:06), Keely Smith (14th, in 29:30) and Clare Mallon (34th, in 33:32), earned a probable fifth team spot in the 6.2km senior women’s race, while Keely (4th over-35 lady), Clare (6th over-45 lady) and Traci Shipley (1st over-55 lady) helped secure fifth team spot in the veteran women’s race. Other finishers in the women’s race included Ellie Robinson (49th, and 13th over-45 lady in 35:08), Angela Tegg (54th, and 14th over-45 lady in 35:53), Claire Williams (57th, and 15th over-45 lady in 36:34), Jane Barker (59th, and 16th over-45 lady in 36:56) and Debra Bemand (84st, and 7th over-50 lady in 40:06).

Lily Moorhouse completed the 6.2km under 20 ladies race in 36:32 for fifth position, and Paul Morrison clocked 41:41 for eighth spot in the 8.1km under 20 men’s race.


Nathan Brassington cleared a new under 15 boys personal best height of 1-75m in the high jump at the Manchester Indoor Open Meeting alongside team mate Holly Bosworth who cleared a new under 15 girls best of 1-60m and long jumped 4.13m. 

Fergus Garland posted a new under 17 men’s 60m best of 7.56 seconds and 24.13 in the 200m alongside team mate Alfie Lane who clocked a new best of 7.97.

Lydia Walker posted a new under 13 girls 60m personal best of 9.02, while Emma Holmes clocked a new under 17 women’s 200m best of 26.20 and posted 8.15 for the 60m alongside Ruby Wisbey (8.40) who also posted 9.54 in the 60m hurdles.

Sophie Haslam clocked a new under 15 girls 600m best of 1:46.37 and posted 29.37 in the 200m alongside Macy Brett who posted 28.55.


The fourth round of the Borders Road Running League scheduled to be held on Sunday, January 23, by Deestriders, has been postponed because of Covid-19 restrictions currently in place in Wales. Deestriders are looking at alternative dates but these will depend on the availability of the venue and the lifting of restrictions.


Entries close on 17th January for the Northern Indoor U15s/U13s Track and Field Championships taking place on 6th February. The online entry link is here: https://www.race-results.co.uk/onlineentries/user/login.php?raceid=4252


West Cheshire AC urgently needs male and female team managers for next year’s U13/U15 Track and Field League fixtures. If you are interested please contact Dennis ASAP at: [email protected]


West Cheshire AC is helping to organise Schools Sportshall Athletics Competitions this month at Ellesmere Port Sports Village, and is looking for volunteers (mums, dads, and friends), to make the fixtures a success.

If you can help out at the Chester fixtures on Wednesday 19th January (10am-12 noon and/or 1-3pm), and on Thursday 20th January (10am-12 noon and/or 1-3pm), and the Ellesmere Port fixtures on Tuesday 25th January (9am-12 noon and/or 12.30pm-3pm) please email Dennis ASAP at: [email protected]


ENTRIES are now open for the England Athletics Age Group (U15/U17/U20) Indoor Championships in Sheffield (12/13 Feb). Register now on the Roster app or website. See more information at: 

ENTRIES are now open for the Sale Harriers Manchester series of indoor open athletics fixtures at SportCity, Manchester, on Sunday, January 30, Sunday, March 6, and Sunday, March 13. Further details can be found at: www.saleharriersmanchester.com and the online entries link is here: www.race-results.co.uk

ONLINE entries are now being accepted for both Northern Indoor Championship events being held at Sheffield.

The U15s/U13s fixture on 6th February (Closing date is: 17th January): https://www.race-results.co.uk/onlineentries/user/login.php?raceid=4252

ENTRIES for the England Athletics Indoor Championships are scheduled to take place at the EIS Sheffield.

12-13 March 2022: England Athletics U15/U17 Combined Events Indoor Championships.


All Club members training at night on routes that involve crossing roads and where there is traffic are reminded to wear bright and reflective clothing. Please be safe.


All parents of youngsters attending track training sessions are reminded to collect their sons and daughters from the track – not from the car park. The Club wants to ensure everyone stays safe and that every youngster safely leaves every track training session.

All youngsters attending track training sessions should bring along warm clothing, preferably waterproofs, hats, gloves, as well as a bottle of water.


EPSV site operators, Brio Leisure, has informed West Cheshire AC that the track floodlights won’t be repaired until February.

EPSV site manager, Peter Davies said: “I have now received confirmation that the track lights will be repaired on Tuesday 8th February 2022. I appreciate this will be disappointing to you however this is the earliest date the specialist company that holds the winch can get out to do the job.

“I have asked engie our maintenance provider to see if they can do anything to speed up the process and if there are any other options we can explore to speed up the process and will keep chasing them up. I will as ever keep you informed as soon as I hear anything.”

West Cheshire AC training sessions at the EPSV track can unfortunately only currently take place on the home straight and two bends due to safety reasons. All middle and long distance running sessions being organised by Ian Ackroyd, Chris Morgan, Dennis Wall, and Graham Patterson, will take place away from the EPSV Track until the floodlights are repaired.

Please look at the Club Website and Facebook pages for further updates about the issue.

Posted by Dave Alexander
16th January 2022

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