Important news: Changes to payments for track fees in 2021

All club members should by now have received an email containing the following message about an important change to the way in which we pay track fees at Ellesmere Port Sports Village from the start of next year.

From January 1st 2021, there will be a change to the way in which club members are asked to pay for attending training sessions at Ellesmere Port Sports Village. Rather than paying by cash, members will be asked to top up their accounts online, via a link to our club membership system. As members attend each session, their accounts will be debited by the cost of each session.

What do I need to do?

Nothing as yet. You will shortly receive an email from West Cheshire AC, containing a link to the top-up system. From there, you will be able to top-up by between Β£10 and Β£100, and set both regular top-up amounts and warnings to prompt you when your account is low.

The cashless payment system will be provided by Nifty Entries, who maintain our current online club membership system. They also provide similar cashless training payments systems to other clubs, on the same basis of only paying for the sessions that you attend, from your own account.

Why are we doing this?

Cash payments require club volunteers to make regular deposits at the bank, with practical and security implications. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought the added risk of disease transmission in handling cash, which fewer members have readily available as card and online payments become more popular.

What other differences will I see?

None – except you will not need to carry cash to track and field sessions! Once your account is topped up, just turn up at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village track and register as usual. There are no hidden fees payable by members, so the amount you currently pay for each training session will remain the same; if there are any longer-term fee increases, members will be notified well in advance.

We are aware that it will take time for everyone to get used to this system, so we will do our best to ensure that it is implemented with the best interests of club members at heart.

Posted by Dave Alexander
15th December 2020

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