Press Report: Record for Emma on England Debut

EMMA HOLMES pocketed two medals during her memorable debut for England.

The talented West Cheshire Athletic Club teenager represented England in the Home International Schools Championships held at Belfast’s Mary Peters Stadium.

Emma clocked a new club record and 300m personal best time of 39.26 seconds to earn a silver medal on the back of being crowned English Schools champion the week before in Manchester where she posted 40.05 seconds.

And Emma then played her part in an amazing 4x300m relay performance – anchoring her team to the third fastest time in English Schools history with a split time of 38.44 seconds to bring home a gold medal for her team.

WEST CHESHIRE AC hosted the third round of the Cheshire Track and Field League, at Ellesmere Port Sports Village, on Sunday.

Sammy Hollins (2:03.2), Matthew Douglass (2:04.5), and Paul Morrison (2:09.9) made it a 1-2-3 for West Cheshire AC in the senior men’s 800m, ahead of Alan Littler (fifth in 2:11.7), while Oliver James posted 13.8 seconds in the 100m and Sharon Stoll hit 14.90m in the women’s discus.

Alex Rutherford (11.5), Lewis Parsons (11.6), Fergus Garland (11.5) and Alfie Lane (11.5) won their respective under 17 men’s 100m races, and Ellis Hancock posted 2:31.0 in his 800m.

Josh Stirling (27.0), Evans Miller (27.4), and Noah Woolgar (30.7) combined in the under 15 boys 200m, while Evan clocked 5:24.0 in his 1500m, and Josh (4.38m) and Noah (3.39m) teamed up in the long jump, while James Rawson (30.10m) and Evan (15.89m) combined in the javelin.

Dylan Gledhill (32.0), Noah Booth (30.5), Will Rawson (30.7), and Harry McKenna (33.1) teamed up in the under 13 boys 200m, while Thomas Rimmer (2:29.0) and Dylan (2:51.8) combined in the 800m; Harry cleared 1-10m in the high jump, and Seb Whiteley (9.68m), and Will Rawson (5.89m) combined in the shot put.

Edward Graham (11.9 and 13.19m), and Oliver Kimpton (13.7 and 8.44m) teamed up in the under 11 boys 75m and turbo javelin, and Oliver long jumped 2.31m.

Kara Stoll won the under 17 women’s discus with 18.24m, while Carys Manson posted 13.5 seconds in 100m and Isabella Rimmer rounded the 1500m in 5:30.0, before Isabella (3.86m) and Carys (3.78m) combined in the long jump.

Holly Bosworth (12.9), Lara Fields (13.5), Teresa Arvidsson (13.9), and Ursula Archer (14.3) teamed up in the under 15 girls 100m, before Cosette Wearden (2:27.2) and Kamila Bakun (3:36.5) rounded the 800m, Holly cleared 1-30m in the high jump, and Ursula hit 5.79m in the shot put.

Beth Manson (14.1), Nancy Collins (14.0), Mae Grant (14.4), and Ruby Billington (14.6) combined in the under 13 girls 100m, before Grace Andrews (2:49.5), Lauren Higgins (3:02.3), Millie Warren (2:49.4), Nancy Collins (2:49.7), and Emma Bradley (3:09.3) rounded the 800m, Mae Grant (4.26m) and Beth Manson (3.74m) won the A and B long jump, alongside Satine Wearden (3.13m), and Emilia Pyper (16.26m) and Satine Wearden (15.26) won the A and B javelin, alongside Emma Bradley (14.52m).

Amelia Snowden (12.8), Poppy McKenna (12.2), and Loretta Eccles (13.3) teamed up for the under 11 girls 75m, before Poppy long jumped 2.93m and threw the turbo javelin 6.71m alongside Loretta (9.01m) and Amelia (8.49m).

CLAIRE HARRIS represented West Cheshire AC at the Welsh Trail Championships which were incorporated into the Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race organised by Denbigh Harriers and finished fifth female.

ROSEMARY ROGERS represented West Cheshire AC in the Chester Zoo 10k Road Race and posted a chip time of 57:16.

FIXTURES this weekend include a British Milers Club Grand Prix Meeting at Trafford on Saturday.

WEST CHESHIRE AC will host a Borders Road Running League race on January 22. 

The full list of provisional dates and venues for the 2022/23 season is: Race One: October 16, Wirral; Race Two: November 13, Chester Tri; Race Three: December 18, Cybi; Race Four: January 22, West Cheshire; Race Five: March 19, Deeside; Race Six: April 9, Wrecsam Tri; Race Seven: May 3, Prestatyn. All 11am starts, except the last race which is an evening start.

Posted by Dave Alexander
19th July 2022

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