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We know it’s been a while so apologies if you thought we’d forgotten! A lot’s happened behind the scenes and we hope to bring you the new vest as soon as possible. Since the final design was chosen last year, a couple of well-established UK suppliers were approached to produce samples, which were tested for weight, quality and colour matching.

One of the suppliers had a slightly superior product, so the vest design team worked with this supplier to embellish the design a bit to produce something original and distinctive which we were hoping to deliver by the end of 2016.  This is what the team came up with – nice isn’t it?

west cheshire new vest

Unfortunately neither supplier was able to produce the right indigo purple colour used in the new logo and website, so we had to start again and look elsewhere.

This lead us to start talking to a new supplier, based in Warrington, who’ll have a sample vest to look at in the next few weeks – fingers crossed. They can potentially supply us with loads of other branded stuff too, like hoodies and training tops, in the future when they’ve got the vest right. That’s a long way off yet though.

If you’ve competed in any capacity for the club last season, or are currently in your first year of competition with us, your new vest will be free, and must be worn. We don’t want athletes competing in the old vest.  Bring your old one to the track office and we’ll swap it for you – completely free.

We’ll let you know when you can do that. In the meantime, please continue to use the current vest.

Any questions, please let us know.

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Posted by Nick Pagan
20th January 2017

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