Kelly has a PB streak

Kelly Baker has powered her way into the spotlight after back to back appearances.The West Cheshire AC youngster smashed her shot put personal best twice at weekend meetings held at Liverpool and Connah’s Quay.She finished second with a put of 8.95m for second place in the under 15 girls event at Liverpool as well as winning the discus (23.69m) and claiming second spot in the hammer (23.37m).And Kelly then scored a hat-trick of personal bests as part of the West Cheshire AC squad at the opening round of the Cheshire Track and Field League, at Connah’s Quay.She bettered her shot put best to 9.17m for victory, as well as clearing a new high jump best of 1-35 for a B string win, and had sprinted to a new 100m best of 14.3 seconds earlier in the day.
Kelly was backed up at Deeside Stadium by Alice Jennings who finished third in the high jump with 1-45m, Laura Rigby who clocked 13.7 seconds in the 100m and cleared 1-20m in the high jump.
Alice McMahon (14.0), Olivia Montez-Brown (14.3), and a new 100m best from Lucy Earl (14.3) was complemented by Olivia’s 1-30m high jump clearance.
Glenys Potter made his season track debut and posted 15.7 seconds in the ladies 100m.
Amy Williams (14.0), Laura Jones (14.9), Gemma Chatterton (15.1), Charlotte Williamson (15.5), Erin McFadden (15.4), Sally Pickering (15.5), Emma Moss (15.7), Tess Corr (16.8), and Sophie Thompson (16.8) represented West Cheshire in the under 13 girls 100m races.
Amy Williams won the discus, and the long jump with 4.22m, while Sally Pickering (3:04.8), Tess Corr (3:06.6), and Emma Moss (3:16.8) completed the 800m.
Liam Renton produced an impressive performance of nine minutes 48.8 seconds in the men’s 3,000m, alongside Rob Tudor in 10:18.3.
Connor Rowbottom was second B in the under 11 boys long jump (3.08m) and added 11.6 (75m) and 2:15.3 (600m).
Cameron Thornley finished secopnd in the soft javelin (10.59) and clocked 13.9 in the 75m and 2:16.8 in his 600m.
Jamie Pearson was second B in the soft javelin (10.93m) and Elijah Montez-Brown was fourth in the long jump (3.45m) and clocked 12.2 (75m) and 2:02.6 (600m).
Olivia Williams won the under 11 girls soft javelin (14.06m) and posted 12.3 (75m) and 2:14.7 (600m), while Sophie Baker won the B soft javelin (11.36m) and posted 12.8 (75m) and 2:19.6 (600m).
Georgia Barlow posted 11.0 in the 75m and added 2:05.5 (600m) and 3.02m in the B long jump for second place.
Rosie Webber clocked 13.0 (75m) and 2:23.4 (600m), while Amy Renton posted 13.1 (75m) and 2:26.0 (600m), and Toni Lammond claimed 12.9 (75m), 2:25.4 (600m), and 3.38m for second place in the long jump.
Mia Rollins covered 75m in 13.7, 600m in 2:32.5, while Molly Sharples clocked 13.2 (75m) and 2:32.9 (600m), and Emily Titlow posted 2:24.1 in her 600m.
Russell Kirk posted 2:13 in his men’s 800m, with Alan Litter won the B high jump (1-55m) and clocked 13.3 in the 100m, and John Manning finished second in the A high jump (1-60m), won the B javelin (30.08m) and clocked 12.9 in his 100m.
Andy Earl teamed up with Alan Littler, Russell Kirk and John Manning to secure second place in the 4x100m relay.
Stephen Jones clocked 24.0 in the under 17 men’s 200m, while Tom Kellett finished second in the under 15 boys discus (18.36m), and third in his 200m (26.5), and Yousef Khalifa hit 18m for second B in the discus, 3.79m in the long jump, and 29.6 in his 200m, and Michael Bailiff scored 4.31m in his long jump.
Alex Kirk clocked 30.2 in the under 13 boys 200m, 2:47.5 in his 800m, and cleared 1-32m in the high jump.
James McMahon hit 6.13m in his shot, and posted 30.0 (200m) and 2:50.4 (800m), while Matthew Pagan posted 30.0 (200m), and debutant Chris Harrop cleared 1-10m in the high jump and posted 30.4 (200m) and 3:01.1 (800m).
Team Results
Under 11s: 1 Salford Met 113 points; 2 West Cheshire 98; 3 DASH 51; 4 Deeside 44; 5 Vale Royal 24; 6 Menai 22.
Ladies: 1 Salford Met 156; 2 West Cheshire 111; 3 Deeside 98; 4 Menai 85; 5 DASH 61; 6 Vale Royal 37.
Men: 1 Deeside 166; 2 West Cheshire 152; 3 Menai 145; 4 DASH 110; 5 Salford Met 109; 6 Vale Royal 50.
Several West Cheshire AC members competed at the Tom O’Mahoney Open Meeting at Wavertree, Liverpool.
Emily Done won her 400m race in 60.10, while Tom Booth clocked 60.6 seconds for fourth spot in the 400m hurdles.
Aidan Stoakley posted 23.8 for second spot in the 200m and 54.5 for second place in his 400m, while Rob Dagnall clocked 23.4 for third place in his 200m and 12.0 for his 100m, and David Donkin posted 57.8 in his 400m.
Danielle Erskine posted 50.4 for second position in the under 17 women’s 300m hurdles, and was third in her 100m (13.7).
Leah Ferrie won her 200m in 26.7 and finished third in her 100m (13.4), while Bryony Potter finished third with 26.4 in her 200m, and third in her 100m in 12.9.
Gemma Hale clocked 13.7 for second place in the under 17 women’s 80m hurdles.
In the Ernie Gallagher Memorial Medal Meeting, Jack Johnson won his soft javelin (22.02m), and clocked 2:19.1 in his 600m.
Emma Johnson claimed 15.23m for second spot in the javelin, and Jenna Sheehy finished fourth with 14.69m, and added 14.4 for second spot in her 100m, ahead of Emma Johnson (14.8) and Lauren Darch (15.0).
Jenni Potter posted 13.4 for second spot in her 75m hurdles, and clocked 14.3 for third place in her 100m.

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